Jim Brandt Of Fairfield CT Fulfilled All Of His Responsibilities Diligently At Ntent

Jim Brandt of Fairfield CT is an executive leader with comprehensive knowledge in different areas of sales leadership, operations and revenue growth strategies. He is a highly experienced sales and marketing professional with expertise in digital marketing. He is an opportunity driver and strategic thinker. During his career span, he has worked with many leading companies of the market.

One of those top companies was Ntent where Mr. Brandt lead the global publisher sales and product strategy. Ntent is a semantic search technologies pioneer where they use the science of semantics to create more meaningful experience for consumers, publishers and premium advertisers. The technology at Ntent ‘THINKS’ more like a human mind. It is able to understand the users intent better than traditional keyword based search, thus providing more accurate, more relevant Ad targeting, search results and complaint, scalable video views.

Here, he fulfilled P& L responsibility for Publisher sales. Jim Brandt of Fairfield CT also increased top line revenue from $50MM to over $120MM, while improving net margin by 15% over the last 18 months. At Ntent, he managed a publishing sales team, marketing and product team of 20 people. He was the key driver in developing all major corporate partnerships with technology and media companies to expand the company’s growth and core capabilities. Some of those companies include Viacom, NBC, ABC, Bonnier, Conde Nast, Time Inc, Fox, Meredith, Taunton Press, Hearst etc. he has also been the advisor to the CEO and active in board meetings and fund raising.

In his career span, Jim Brandt of Fairfield CT has gained expertise in many areas such as sales, website design, digital marketing, promotions marketing , technology, start ups, online gaming, online music and social media. Now, he is adept at promoting business through different social media channels by using effective digital media strategies.


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