Jim Brandt From Fairfield, CT Is An Experienced Executive Leader

Jim Brandt from Fairfield, CT is an experienced executive leader with proven success driving breakthrough growth in competitive markets. He carries many years of experience in digital media and technology, & is well-versed in publishing, social media, video, mobile and programmatic. In his nineteen years of career, he has developed a broad network of contacts with established national, regional, as well as local businesses.

Jim Brandt from Fairfield, CT started his career in 1996 by setting up “Focus Internet”, a website design firm with his two partners. With Jim’s and his partners’ deep knowledge and proficiency in the subject of web design plus their passion, the company quickly became the premier choice of local businesses seeking quality website design services at genuine prices. Within two years of the company’s inception, Jim and his partners increased the sales from $0MM to $500k.

Currently, Jim Brandt from Fairfield, CT is serving as the Senior Vice President of Publisher Sales at Sprinkle Content. It is a New York based company which provides a platform for recommendations & syndication of article & video content for digital publishers. It was founded in the year 2013 and has offices in three locations – Malmö, Oslo, and Stockholm. Before joining Sprinkle Content, Jim was the SVP Publisher Sales at Ntent, a well-known company in New York recognized as a semantic search technologies pioneer. While working at Ntent, he managed a publishing sales team, marketing and product team of 20 people. During the last eighteen months of his employment in the company, he increased top line revenue from $50MM to over $120MM, while improving net margin by 15%.


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