Jim Brandt of Fairfield, CT Is Well-Versed In Sales And Marketing

Jim Brandt is a Fairfield, CT based digital marketing and advertising sales specialist. He has excellent  knowledge of different sales and marketing strategies that are used to generate sales and increase growth of a company. The areas in which he has specialization include digital media, mobile marketing, strategic planning, PPC, new business development, SEO, integrated marketing, customer service, etc.

Jim Brandt co-founded a website designing and software company named Focus Internet in 1996. In March 1998, he started working with an online rep firm Interep Interactive and spent two years there. At this company, he served as the Vice President Sales. He launched business in various areas including LA, Chicago, SF, Detroit, and NY, and increased sales of the company. While working with MP3.com, Jim Brandt of Fairfield, CT launched the East Coast office, and increased sales to over $7MM in 2002 from $0MM. In this company, his designation was VP East Coast Sales, and he worked with a variety of clients including P&G, Sephora, LVMH, JNJ, Heineken, and Pepsico.

In 2006, he became a part of Viacom, and served this company for five years. He managed sales and marketing team with 2 AE, SSE, and Marketing Support staff each. At this company, he has been the Top Digital Biller, and increased the advertising revenue to $30MM. Jim Brandt of Fairfield, CT started working with Ntent in the year 2011. At this company, he served the position of SVP Publisher Sales. He successfully developed relationships with media and technology businesses, and expanded the company’s growth. Businesses with which he worked with include Conde Nast, Time Inc, Fox, Meredith, Hearst, NBC, Viacom, etc.

Jim Brandt of Fairfield, CT is the SVP Publisher Sales at Sprinkle Content serving since May 2015.


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